The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice, or to something that
is psychologically or physically habit-forming. Over 23 million Americans
struggle with addiction. It’s estimated that at least 90% of Americans
have at least one form of addiction in their lives. Addiction can be all
consuming and destroy not only the life of the addicted, but also the
lives of their friends and family.
Addiction is a narrative feature film in which separate lives collide in
interweaving stories about people being gripped with three different types
of addiction.

These stories involve a collection of interrelated characters, among the
players are: an isolated, anti-social game designer who’s addiction to
technology leaves him lost in the internet world, the only place he can
find the courage and bravery to do the things he fantasizes about; a young
couple who fall passionately in love, only to have their love turn toxic,
leading to obsession, control and violence; an unassuming financial
analyst, who’s obsession with beauty leads him to have a toxic
relationship with food, binging and fasting. He then attempts to alter his
appearance and becomes addicted to plastic surgery; and a recovery drug
addict who becomes addicted to prescription medications. Their seemingly
endless cycle of destructive behavior finally comes to a brutal breaking
point when their worlds collide.

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