• The Gate
    Martial arts master turned superhero, CASSIE WESTON, uncovers a dark underworld of Indonesian crime while attempting to save her sister’s life. This reignites an epic battle with her equally matched rivals over Cassie’s secret pathway to ultimate power… The Gate.
    Written and Directed by: Kellie Madison
  • Hotel 33: (Suspense/Thriller)
    Two college kids are interrogated for the disappearance of a young couple after they all spend the night in a haunted hotel.
    Written, Produced and Directed by: Kellie Madison
  • Scales (Sci-fi/Suspense Thriller)
    Two men having been abducted by aliens for years attempt to do something never done before, capture one of their abductors.
    Written and Directed by: Kellie Madison
  • Addiction
    Addiction is a narrative feature film in which separate lives collide in interweaving stories about people being gripped with three different types of addiction.
    Written and Directed by: Kellie Madison
  • Machine Man: (Suspense/Thriller)
    An average man struggline with an extraordinary problem, faces his most debilitating fear in order to save the woman he loves.
    Written, Produced and Directed by: Kellie Madison
  • The Abolition of Sex: (Comedy)
    Two women get their hearts broken, so they decide to abolish sex from their lives.
    Written and Produced by: Kellie Madison and Yvonne M. King
  • Box Castle: (Drama)
    In recent years, a heinous form of Child Abuse has been brought to light — an abuse that because of its nature is shocking and incomprehensible to most. This abuse is called Munchausen by proxy (MBP). Box Castle is a fictional story highlighting the real tragedy of this abuse. In this movie a MBP mother intentionally makes her child ill to gain attention for herself. This film will ultimately help endangered children by providing a platform to increase public awareness of this heartbreaking behavior.
    Written by: Kellie Madison
  • The Line Up: (Comedy)
    LARRY WEEDMAN makes a seemingly innocent living feigning to be a criminal, standing in a police line-up, until one day – he gets framed for a murder he didn’t commit. This forces him to go into hiding in a quirky retirement home in Sunnyvale, Florida where hilarity ensues, until his name can be cleared.
    Story by: Kellie Madison and Carl Paoli
    Written by: Kellie Madison and Josh Chesler
    Producer: Kellie Madison
  • Windows: (Suspense/Drama)
    In the vein of Misery meets the Sixth Sense.
    Written by: Josh Chesler
    Producer: Kellie Madison
  • Nenu: (Animated Television Series)
    Little JAKE MCKENZIE thinks his days of striking out on the Little League field are over when he discovers a magic spell that will bring his favorite action figure to life. Only, Jake has never been great at making things happen the way he planned – and this day is no different. When Jake accidentally brings NENU – the Happy Wizard to life instead of his action baseball player toy, he discovers a world and a purpose he never knew existed? The Secret Society of Kids and Toys.
    Story by: Kellie Madison
    Written by: Eric Shaw (Spongebob)
    Producer: Kellie Madison
  • Under: (Science Fiction)
    Based on a true rumor, Under is the riveting accounts of five Aliens who escape the torture and experimentation by the US Government at the infamous Area 51. They take over a small town medical facility and conduct gruesome experiments in order to try and get back what was taken from them.
    Written by: Kellie Madison and Michelle McChesneyProducer: Kellie Madison
  • Spoon Brother: (Drama)
    When a young woman falls ill, she tries to get back in touch with her reclusive brother, who stills feels guilty about a tragic childhood incident. Spoon Brother is a tragedy that explores the function of the human spirit. It teaches that even the most innocent intentions can have severe consequences.
    Written and Produced by: Kellie Madison

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