Slice of Water

slice of water


“Slice of Water” is an emotional drama that explores intimate slices of life in three unique vignettes that share a common theme–the transforming element of water. One is the struggle faced by a female Iraq war veteran emotionally scarred by her experiences and her husband who is at a loss about how to help her. Another is Maggie, a poor pre-teen, and her mother who both dream that Maggie sings her way to super stardom on a famous talent show. In the home of Darla and Ben, a bathtub picnic ritual the couple has faithfully enjoyed throughout their marriage becomes a heartbreaking act that leaves them both devastated. Love, hope, fate, and loss, come together in “Slice of Water” to illustrate the universal endurance of the human spirit.


Raini Rodriguez – Maggie Blumsfeld

George Coe – Ben

Alice Hirson – Darla

Ted Monte – Ron Spaulding

Kaden Graves – Husband

Written by: Kellie Madison

Producers: Kellie Madison & Yvonne M. King

Director: Kellie Madison

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©2016 Kellie Madison